Kimberly P. Hadaway

Hello, I'm Kimberly P. Hadaway.

This spring marks my fourth semester with the Mathematics Department at Iowa State University as a Ph.D. student, where I am involved with the Mathematicians of Color Alliance and the Hidden NORMS undergraduate student webinar. My current research interests are combinatorics, graph theory, and math education.

This summer, I participated in a Mathematics Research Community hosted by the AMS, titled Trees in Many Contexts, where my group studied enumerations of colorings of plane trees. I also served as a Graduate Mentor for the Iowa State University Math REU, where my group studied problems related to modifying Kemeny's constant.

I recently graduated from Williams College as a Mathematics and Chemistry double major. I wrote an Honors Thesis on unit interval parking functions with Dr. Pamela E. Harris.

Written Work

On the Directional Derivative

of Kemeny's Constant

Orthogonal Realizations of
Random Sign Patterns and
Other Applications of the SIPP

Honk! Honk!, Part 1

 An Introduction to Parking Functions

Honk! Honk!, Part 2

 An Introduction to Parking Functions

On Tight 9-Cycle Decompositions of Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraphs