Kimberly P. Hadaway

Hello, I'm Kimberly P. Hadaway.

This fall marks my third semester with the Mathematics Department at Iowa State University as a Ph.D. student, where I am involved with the Mathematicians of Color Alliance and the Hidden NORMS undergraduate student webinar. My current research interests are combinatorics, graph theory, and math education.

This summer, I participated in a Mathematics Research Community hosted by the AMS, titled Trees in Many Contexts, where my group studied enumerations of colorings of plane trees. I also served as a Graduate Mentor for the Iowa State University Math REU, where my group studied problems related to modifying Kemeny's constant.

I recently graduated from Williams College as a Mathematics and Chemistry double major. I wrote an Honors Thesis on unit interval parking functions with Dr. Pamela E. Harris.

Written Work

Honk! Honk!, Part 2

An Introduction to Parking Functions

On Tight 9-Cycle Decompositions of Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraphs

On the Directional Derivative

of Kemeny's Constant